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Volunteer Generation Fund

The Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) in Washington State is strengthening the capacity of organizations and nonprofits to more effectively recruit, engage and retain volunteers. Serve Washington partners with Volunteer Centers of Washington (VCW), a statewide association of county-based volunteer center organizations, and 501 Commons, a partner for nonprofits that boosts capacity, including volunteer management.

VGF activities in the state honor the individual counties and their particular nonprofit ecosystems, while recognizing and promoting programs that can be adapted more widely. VGF funds are spread between formal programs, templates and models, and supporting individualized efforts.

For more information, see “Volunteer Washington: A Case for Community Volunteerism, 2016-2020.” 

AmeriCorps Washington

VGF by the numbers

In 2015-2016 the VGF generated 16,413 volunteers of various ages, who served 71,565 hours.