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Extending Wellness 2021 - Week 2: Care Capacity and Community Connection

May 5 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:15pm

Care Capacity and Community Connections: Digital Community Care Fair! – facilitated by Antonio Rodriguez

Care Capacity and Community connections - there's a rising belief that one of the most powerful ways to care for yourself is to find community to help do it with you. Social distancing has made some aspects of this harder but it's also created incredible opportunities to connect with people that have never been available before. This session will help VISTAS explore the wonderfully diverse, rich and exciting landscape of community care opportunities that exist online:

  • We’ll share some of the best practices to find physical, emotional, spiritual, professional and psychological support. 
  • We’ll consider the best practices folks are using to connect to one another. We’ll even point out some of the best parties!