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Funding Opportunities

Are there current AmeriCorps funding opportunities in Washington?

Visit Current Request for grant applications.

When will the next funding opportunity be and can I be notified?

Notice of funding opportunities are sent in the fall of each year and occasionally in the spring.

To be notified, join our grant email distribution list.

What are the steps in the grant application process?

While the process may vary with each funding opportunity, here are the main steps of the typical application process:

  1. Review the documents in the Request for Grant Application (RFGA). These will give details on the application requirements, how your application is scored, and how the review works.
  2. Read our information on eligibility and organizational readiness, including our readiness assessment tool.
  3. Start building your application, based on the instructions and component in the RFGA document. We recommend you draft your application outside of the grants management system, in Microsoft Word or similar program.
  4. Submit your application following the technical guidance in the RFGA document.

Once your application is submitted, here's how the review works:

  1. Serve Washington staff review your application for initial completeness then distribute eligible applications to a Grant Review Committee (GRC) made up of Serve Washington commissioners.
  2. The GRC review applications and then meet to discuss their assessments. At this time, the GRC may need to contact you for clarification or additional information.
  3. The GRC prepare recommendations to the full Commission.
  4. The Commission votes on applications and staff will notify you of the result.
  5. Selected applicants will have the opportunity to clarify and revise applications before they are submitted to the CNCS.
  6. Staff submit applications to CNCS for review process where they may seek additional clarification if necessary.
  7. CNCS notify Serve Washington staff of final decisions, then staff notify applicants if successful or not.
  8. If successful, CNCS issues grant award to Serve Washington, the pass-through entity.
  9. Serve Washington will sub grant funds through a contract with your organization so you can begin your AmeriCorps program to help your community.



Email with any questions regarding the grant process.

Get notified of future funding opportunities

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