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Washington Climate Corps Network


The Washington Climate Corps Network (WCCN) is a network of organizations, young adults, veterans, and professionals working together to build a climate resilient Washington. Serve Washington coordinates this network to conduct service projects building climate resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems. 

Serve Washington prioritizes service to overburdened communities where people face disproportionate environmental harms and risks and are often disproportionately comprised of vulnerable populations. 

Serve WA partners with local organizations, municipalities, and schools to implement climate service projects for young adults, veterans, and vulnerable populations to address local climate needs while building skills and resources for future careers. Serve Washington supports the WCCN through funding service projects to achieve the goals of the network. Serve Washington also provides a service-learning program and coordinates with agencies and resources to achieve Washington state climate goals.

The WCCN will achieve the following goals:  
  • Increase participation in addressing climate challenges in overburdened communities. 
  • Expand the diversity, awareness, and accessibility of climate service opportunities in Washington. 
  • Create a service-learning program for funded network partners and their members. 
    • The service-learning program will increase awareness of and access to clean energy and climate-related career opportunities and networks. 

You are encouraged to propose a project which addresses the goals of the WCCN and addresses issues stemming from the effects of climate change in Washington.  

If you have a service project, we want to hear from you!  

Some examples of service projects include:  

  • Mitigation Projects 
    • Supporting sea-level rise management and response 
    • Addressing wildfire risks in forest lands 
  • Adaptation Projects 
    • Creating green spaces in cities, "urban greening" 
    • Restoring coastal vegetation to minimize erosion 
  • Innovation Projects 
    • Improving Agribusiness waste management practices 
    • Developing Clean energy technologies 


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Submit a Letter of Intent to join the network as a grantee. 

  • ​Use our Smartsheet form or send your letter to WCCN@OFM.WA.GOV
  • We encourage you to read the WCCN Toolkit to understand eligibility criteria and more information about the WCCN grant requirements.  

We are specifically looking for industries, professionals, technical and training institutions, and professional associations in the green and blue economies to join our network!

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Learn about how the WCCN was formed! Read our WCCN fact sheet [PDF].


The Washington Climate Corps Network is supported with funding from Washington's Climate Commitment Act. The CCA supports Washington's climate action efforts by putting cap-and-invest dollars to work reducing climate pollution, creating jobs, and improving public health. Information about the CCA is available at