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Washington Climate Corps Network

What is the Washington Climate Corps Network? 

People in green shirts and yellow helmets dig along a wooded slope

The WCCN is a network of service organizations coordinated by Serve Washington that are supported by community and state allies working to address climate change in Washington. WCCN engages young adults (ages 17-31) and veterans to help build climate resilient communities, economies and ecosystems. 

The WCCN prioritizes service to overburdened communites. These are areas where people who live there face disproportionate environmental harms and risks. They are often disproportionately comprised of people who may be minorities, low-income and/or tribal or indigenous.

How does the WCCN Work?

Participating service programs provide climate service project opportunities for climate corps members to help communities address their most pressing climate needs while gaining career and leadership support. Serve Washington supports the WCCN through funding for service progams so they can achieve the goals of the network. Serve Washington also provides dedicated training and community-based support while coordinating state climate goals and resources.

What are the goals of the WCCN?

  • Opening leadership opportunities and career pathways in Washington's growing climate and energy economy.
  • Growing climate-service support for and with overburdened communites. 
  • Reducing barriers to service for members in overburdened communities.
  • Fostering environmental stewardship and civic engagement among community members.

Learn about how the WCCN was formed! Read our fact sheet.

Learn about how the WCCN was formed! Read our WCCN fact sheet [PDF] or click the image on the right.

See our current funding opportunity

We released a Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) opportunity for current AmeriCorps programs in Washington state to participate in the WA Climate Corps Network (WCCN) during the 2023-24 program year. The RFGA released on July 17, 2023, will close August 17, 2023.

What kinds of service will I do as a WCCN member?

Serve Washington is committed to making service opportunities equitable to all and we're especially interested in having WCCN members who come from marginalized and overburdened communities.

As a WCCN member, types of projects on which you might serve include:

  • Creating green spaces in cities -"urban greening"
  • Addressing wildfire risks in forest lands
  • Supporting sea-level rise management and response
  • Addressing food insecurity

Other projects may be added as WCCN gets underway.

Get involved!

To learn more, fill out our contact form to get up to date information on opportunities to engage with the WCCN. You can select which topics you are interested in, such as:

  • Receiving notice of funding opportunities
  • Serving as an AmeriCorps member with the WCCN
  • Becoming a host site for the WCCN or providing other types of support
  • General updates