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AmeriCorps NCCC

AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) from the Pacific Region invites potential Project Sponsors in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Hawai’i (and the Pacific Territories) and Alaska to apply to host a team of 18-26 year olds to address critical needs in communities throughout our region. We are always looking for project sponsors.

The NCCC Pacific Region Campus, based in Sacramento, CA, deploys teams to serve on projects lasting an average of 2-12 weeks.

Who can apply?

  • Nonprofits
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Government entities (federal, state, region, and local)
  • Public and private schools and universities
  • Native American Tribal Councils

Service areas

  • Environmental conservation & stewardship
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Urban & rural development
  • Energy conservation
  • Natural & other disasters (preparedness, mitigation, recovery, response)

Application process

All project sponsors:

  • All organizations must submit a Project Concept Form
  • Upon approval of the Project Concept Form, the full Service Project Application will be sent to you with an invitation to apply; the application due date will be included in the invitation to apply
  • Project Concept Forms & Service Project Applications will not be accepted past the deadlines
  • Applications are reviewed each round; who we serve is based on a number of factors, including: locations/organizations served previously, variety of experience for our members, and project priorities
  • Preference will be given to projects where members support activities are related to: STEM, veterans, drought, homelessness, disaster, or energy conservation


Contact your Assistant Program Director (APD) for assistance in the application process and for a project concept form: Quinn Walker, 202.528.3553.

Project sponsors must provide 

  • Lodging for the team to include a full kitchen and bathroom with showers; cleaning supplies and toilet paper
  • All project materials, tools, equipment and related protective gear, including chaps for chainsaw use 
  • Daily technical supervision for team, on-the-job training and relevant certifications 
  • Any specific training, including First Aid/CPR, chainsaw use, or others as necessary 
  • Orientation to the organization and community
  • Service learning education on the community needs and deeper issues pertaining to the project 

What NCCC provides

  • A team of 8-10 members from divers social, cultural, and educational backgrounds
  • A Team Leader that coordinates and resides with each team (Team Leaders are not technical skills supervisors, but are responsible for managing their teams and report to NCCC staff) 
  • One 15-passenger van per team; fuel covered by NCCC (except in Hawai’i and Alaska where a means of transportation and fuel must be provided) 
  • Limited hand tools, basic personal protective equipment, and housing supplies 
  • All Members are fully covered by the provisions of the Federal Tort Claims Act (liability claims) and the Federal Employees Compensation Act (workers’ compensation claims) 
  • All Members are screened with a fingerprinted FBI national criminal history check and national sex offender database 

About NCCC members 

  • Individuals, ages 18-26, serve full-time for 10 months 
  • Members have a mix of educational experiences, including: college degrees or some college background, or high school diplomas. A small percentage are working towards their high school diploma through the program. 
  • Recruited nationally and are from diverse backgrounds.