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Responsible Volunteer Training: Retention - What the Research Says and What you Should Do About it

Apr 19 2022 - 11:00am to 12:15pm

Keeping quality volunteers is a challenge faced by many non-profits and organizations.  The “revolving door syndrome” is what happens when volunteers consistently leave a program because they aren’t satisfied.  Many organizations are simply guessing about what might result in a positive volunteer experience, using trial and error to see what sticks—often with poor results. 

 This workshop will help you understand the key drivers of volunteer satisfaction and retention. We’ll delve into research about what volunteers say inspires them, keeps them committed and what pitfalls lead to higher turnover. We’ll boil it down to plain language, so you can use hard evidence to support your decisions around how to best support your volunteers.  

 You will learn how to ...  

• Identify the key research-based reasons for volunteer turnover  

• Pinpoint which of six key motivations inspire your unique team  

• Harness psychological contracts to boost teamwork and morale  

Target Audience: AmeriCorps program staff, volunteer center staff, volunteer management/recruitment staff, program managers, human resources/hiring managers, anyone whose duties involve diversity, equity and inclusion activities

Instructor: Tobi Johnson, of Tobi Johnson & Associates


Note: This is the second session in a three-part seires on Responsive Volunteer Training. Registration for all Responsive Volunteer Training series will be via the same link. Participants can choose which sessions they want to attend. Attendance at one session is not required to participate in any of the other sessions.

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