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Serve Washington Launches What's at Your Core Campaign

Woman wearing AmeriCorps shirt
Image from What's at Your Core PSA, courtesy the Causeway Agency

OLYMPIA - Serve Washington has teamed up with Causeway Agency on Public Service Campaign “What’s at Your Core” to raise awareness of AmeriCorps and how people can serve in this national program to make a difference in their communities.



Interested media organizations may download the PSAs for use here:





Speaker 1: What’s my core value? Equity.

Pair of Speakers in Unison:  Compassion.

Speaker 3: Determination.

Speaker 1: At AmeriCorps…my commitment to equity gives every student a shot at a strong start.

Speaker 4: My compassion brings food and friendship to neighbors in need.

Speaker 5: My determination protects parks in my community.

Narrator: Every day AmeriCorps members and volunteers live their values to make communities stronger. What’s at your core? Learn more at AmeriCorps dot gov.