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Virtual Civic Reflection Opportunity: Verbal Reflection Group 2 (session 1)

Apr 23 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

What: Virtual Civic Reflection Opportunities

Civic Reflection is an intentional reflection process that helps staff, members, and others take a step back and consider important questions related to service and community work. During Civic Reflection, Corps members gather for interactive and highly participatory conversations to explore fundamental questions about aspects of service, community, and leadership. Members read or listen to a short piece of literature or view an image or video as a jumping off point for discussing their values, beliefs, and their relationships to other members and the communities in which they serve.

We are offering 2 modified versions of a civic reflection process, both virtual:

  • Offering #1: 3-week civic reflection sessions via Zoom (1 session per week)
  • Offering #2: 3-week online groups that will participate in writing through a platform called NowComment

Who can participate: AmeriCorps State, AmeriCorps National, and AmeriCorps VISTA members serving in Washington state

Offering #1:

We are holding FOUR, 3-week civic reflection sessions (1 session per week, 1.5 hours per session) – a facilitated process through Zoom where a maximum of 45 participants can participate through video conferencing at one time. Members can only sign up for 1 option. Participants in this process must do the following:

  • Each week - Read, listen to, or watch a different medium (this will be a story, poem, podcast, short documentary, etc.);
  • Each week – participate in a verbal discussion about the medium and talk about larger questions of significance that are posed by the facilitator with other AmeriCorps members;
  • At the end – write a letter to next year’s members about their experience and what they hope members will do and remember as they serve their communities and/or environments.

We are holding 4 different groups of this so a total of 180 participants can participate as follows (Members only sign up for one of the following groups).  Registration links below:

  1. Verbal Reflection Group 1 – 1) Tuesday, April 21; 2) Tuesday, April 28; and 3) Tuesday, May 5 – each at 1 PM PST. - Registration deadline Friday, April 17
  2. Verbal Reflection Group 2 – 1) Thursday, April 23; 2) Thursday, April 30; and 3) Thursday, May 7 – each at 1 PM PST. - Registration deadline Monday, April 20
  3. Verbal Reflection Group 3 – 1) Tuesday, May 12; 2) Tuesday, May 19; and 3) Tuesday, May 26 – each at 1 PM PST. - Registration deadline Friday, May 8 
  4. Verbal Reflection Group 4 – 1) Thursday, May 14; 2) Thursday, May 21; and 3) Thursday, May 28 – each at 1 PM PST. - Registration deadline Monday, May 11


Offering #2:

While the facilitated Zoom groups are happening, we are also going to facilitate TWO online groups that can participate in writing through a platform called NowComment where there is no group size limit for participation. Participants who cannot participate in the Zoom meetings that include talking with a group of peers, can sign up for one of the following groups:

  1. Written Reflection Group 1 – Weeks of April 20, April 27 and May 4. - Registration deadline is Friday, April 17
  2. Written Reflection Group 2 – Weeks of May 11, May 18, and May 25. - Registration deadline is Friday, May 8


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